Building A Game With Babylonjs

Tue, Jul 21, 15
How to build a a basic game with the Babylonjs framework

Importing Blender Animations Into Babylonjs

Sun, Jul 05, 15
How to properly export blender animations into BABYLON.js

Glsl Shader Materials In A Scene

Sat, Jun 27, 15
A quick tutorial on how to use GLSL shaders as a texture in three

Raycasting On A Blender Scene

Fri, Jun 12, 15
Raycasting on a Blender Scene that modifies the objects and creates a jQuery Popup

Post Processing With Full Scene

Thu, Jun 11, 15
Flushing out a full scene with Blender and Effects Composer

Blender Cube Mapping To Three

Mon, Jun 08, 15
Gimp to Blender to THREE

Blender To Three Starfield

Mon, Jun 01, 15
Creating a starfield in three.js with help from blender.

Blender Animated Sprites In Three

Thu, May 28, 15
The "hello world" of animated sprites.

Building A Clock In Three

Tue, May 26, 15
Building a basic clock in three.js

Rigging And Importing A Skeleton For Three

Tue, May 19, 15
Rigging a Skeleton in Blender for Three.js Import

Texture Baking For Json Export

Mon, May 18, 15
Baking and Importing a Cycles Texture

Blender Shape Keys Animation To Webgl

Wed, May 13, 15
Importing Shape Keys into Target Morph

Blender To Json Exporter

Tue, May 12, 15
Blender to JSON to WebGL

Chipmunk Speed Sculpt Demo

Tue, Apr 28, 15
Blender Low Poly Mesh

Theo Low Poly Sculpt

Tue, Apr 21, 15
Low Poly Assets!

Web Audio Integration

Wed, Apr 08, 15
Web Audio API and THREE.js

Blender Three Js Integration

Fri, Apr 03, 15
Collada Scene Loader Example

Lighting Properties In Three.js

Tue, Mar 31, 15
Dynamically adding lights to a Scene

Dynamically Added Text Object

Wed, Mar 25, 15
Dynamically adding Objects to a Scene

Turntable Gorilla Mesh

Tue, Mar 24, 15
Turntable Gorilla Mesh

Mesh Vs Line

Sun, Mar 22, 15
Mesh vs. Line Geometry Exploration

Mesh To Line Animation

Tue, Mar 17, 15
Mesh to Line Object Conversion and Animation

Three Spot Light

Tue, Mar 10, 15
Test Environment for Variables Available on a Spot Light

Pong Game For Unity

Mon, Dec 29, 14
Experiments with Unity3D

Building A Site With Jekyll

Mon, Nov 24, 14
I am going to leave this up as my first blog in the interest of people knowing how I built this website.